Welcome to the Brecks

One of the great natural areas of Britain preserved and enhanced by a wide partnership of organisations.

" Few of the lowland districts of England have more striking individual characteristics than the area known as Breckland " W.G. Clarke, 1925

The Brecks spans 392 sq. miles/1015 sq. kilometres across Norfolk and Suffolk in the heart of The East of England - one of the driest parts of Britain, a landscape of tranquil forest, open heathland and agricultural land, is home to many unique or distinctive birds, plants and animals.

The Towns of the Brecks

Swaffham in the Brecks (c) Nick Ford

The Brecks area includes five Market Towns: Brandon, Mildenhall, Swaffham, Thetford and Watton, all of which are very unique and offer different experiences. 

Great Accommodation

Strattons Hotel Swaffham (c) Nick Ford

Whether you want a week in a luxurious hotel, an overnight stop at a Farmhouse B&B, the independence of a self-catering cottage or to live under the stars in a tent, The Brecks can offer you the choice.

Food and Drink

Buy local produce and truely taste the Brecks.  Try local ales, cheeses, cordials and much more.

Leaflets, Guides and Itineraries

There is a wide selection of leaflets, guides, itineraries and maps to help you make the most of yout time in the Brecks.

Latest Events

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