The Brecks

One of the great natural areas of Britain


  1. First River Lark Work Party

    On Saturday the 18th January the first Brecks Fen Edge & Rivers Landscape Partnership work party took place downstream of Flempton Bridge, hosted by the Fornhams Group of the RLCP. Volunteers from throughout the catchment cleared brush, trimmed …

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  2. Grant Success

    We have EXCITING news..! The ‘Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers’ Landscape Partnership Scheme wins £2m National Lottery grantCommunities, schools and the landscape of the Brecks will benefit from another series of exciting landscape and heritage …

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  3. BFER Conference 2019

    A Conference and Consultation event was held on 13thMarch 2019 at The Carnegie Rooms, Thetford to introduce the scheme and proposed projects, giving people the opportuntity to learn more about the Parftnership's plans and contribute to their …

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