The Brecks

One of the great natural areas of Britain

Key Documents

The Landscape Conservation Action Plan is the main document that sets out the BFER Scheme in detail. It provides details of the Partnership, outlines the scheme area's Landscape character and heritage as well as describing the threats and opportunities that the Scheme aims to address.


A wide variety of reports, surveys and other documents have been used to inform the development phase and provide information to support the production of the LCAP.


The Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape: Identifying Important Freshwater Areas

Important Freshwater Areas are locations of regional or national importance for freshwater biodiversity typically comprising groups of important freshwater habitats or wetlands, or areas with significant concentrations of freshwater Species of Conservation Concern.

Produced by the Freshwater Habitats Trust, this is one of the key documents produced during the development phase and describes the results of an ‘Important Freshwater Areas’ analysis for the whole of the Brecks National Character Area. The results were helpful in defining the Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers (BFER) landscape project area.


The Norfolk and Suffolk Brecks Landscape Character Assessment

The integrated Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) produced by the Breaking New Ground Landscape Partnership was revised in 2016.

 This is the first detailed landscape characterisation of the whole of The Brecks that has been produced at this scale.

It describes the landscape types within the NCA and provides guidance to help conserve enhance and restore the distinctive landscape characteristics of The Brecks.


The Brecks Special Qualities Report

The Brecks’ special qualities study articulates the character and qualities that make the Brecks landscape so distinctive.

 By observing, describing and analysing the special qualities of The Brecks. It provides the vocabulary needed to help others understand and appreciate The Brecks and support effective policy, advocacy and planning to reinforce local distinctiveness and conserve and enhance its special character.

 Three of the Special Qualities particularly relate to the BFER LP area; the river valley settlements; the intimate ‘secrecy’ of the river valleys; and the undiscovered treasure trove of early historical evidence