The Brecks

One of the great natural areas of Britain

Brecks Towns

  1. Swaffham © Nick Ford

    Swaffham in the Brecks

    Swaffham is an attractive, family friendly market town which sits at the very northern point of the Brecks.  Fine Georgian buildings stand as a reminder of the town’s long history of commerce, with lively markets that continue to this day.  Reputed to have been a one-time favourite of Lord Nelson, Swaffham was also home to Howard Carter, the Egyptologist who discovered the treasures of Tutankhamun. Read more »

  2. Brandon © Forest Heath

    Brandon in the Brecks

    Brandon is a truly historic area, with activity stretching back to the Stone Age.  The town grew up around the site of an ancient ford across the Little Ouse River.  Once a busy inland port for barges on route to King’s Lynn, it was also an important communications link – here east, west and southern England met.  Brandon has a lively shopping area, and the market, which received its Charter in the 16th Century, continues to bustle every Thursday and Saturday. Read more »

  3. Market Square

    Mildenhall in the Brecks

    The small market town of Mildenhall dates back to Anglo-Saxon times, though evidence suggests the area was occupied as far back as the Stone Age. Today the River Lark flows peacefully through the town. You can follow the riverside walk to Barton Mills or stroll to West Row, and enjoy a picnic or a riverside drink at one of the pubs along the way. Read more »

  4. Captain Mainwaring © Nick Ford

    Thetford in the Brecks

    Normans, Vikings, monks, female warriors and Dad’s Army – they’ve all visited and left their mark on Thetford. This ancient market town is brimming with history and heritage, as well as plenty of gardens, parks and riverside spots for you to relax in. Read more »

  5. Watton © Nick Ford

    Watton in the Brecks

    Watton is a small town, steeped in character. The town sign commemorates its place in folk law as the scene of the original 'Babes in the Wood'. Many of the shops in the town are still family businesses run by 2nd and 3rd generations. Read more »